Preparing Your Property for a New Landscape Design

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Generally, there is no right way to landscape your property. That’s because designing a landscape is largely about opinions. However, it’s important to be ready for the design process.

Don’t forget that the value of your property will increase if it has a beautiful landscape design. The choice and location of trees in your yard can change life and make the moments spent in it better. Here are useful tips to help you prepare your property for a new landscape design:

Determine the Size of Your Yard

Start by taking measurements of your property or the yard that will be covered by the new landscape design. This should depend on the intended use of the space. Do you need it for just hosting your family or entertaining guests? What size do you have or intend to use for the landscape?

If you intend to use the yard to host and entertain guests, how many guests will you host at once? If you need the new landscape for your family only, what’s the size of your family? Do you need an intimate space for just a couple or a space with several seats for your large family? Have answers to such questions when preparing your property for a new landscape design to make the task easier for you and your landscape designer.

Determine the Functionality of the Yard

Do you want to include functionality in your space? For instance, do you need a play area, barbeque space, or a vegetable garden? If there are trees in your yard, you may have to engage a tree service company to have the appropriate trees removed to cater for any specific functionality. We recommend if you’re in the right area.

Decide on the Maintenance Level

Take a close look at your yard and decide on the maintenance level that you can handle. If you prefer a low maintenance yard, have this in mind while meeting your landscape designer. Consider the location of things like water source while preparing the property for a new landscape design. Know the effort and time you will need to maintain your yard after a new landscape design has been implemented.

Decide on the Style

Take a close look at your property. Is there a specific style that would be great for your yard? Do you have personal insight and styles that you can share with the landscape designer? It might be wise to look for magazines and pictures to get design ideas. You may even find design images that may suit your preference and yard on magazines as well as online.

Preparing your property for a new landscape design should be fun just like designing the landscape. Therefore, work closely with your designer to get your property ready for a new landscape and have fun throughout the process.